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Speed, locomotion, cardio: perform thanks to a unique sensor paired with a tailor-made analysis service.

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A unique offer dedicated to veterinarians
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Scientifically validated solution, patented electrodes able to accurately collect ECG during exercise.


You have an ambitious project to improve the well-being and performance of athletic horses? Institutions, organisations and companies of the industry, we support your project by offering you our agility and skills for a tailor-made solution.



To meet the needs of professionals and satisfy the requirements of the equine sector, we scientifically validate every breakthrough we make.

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We have a unique relationship with each of our partners to leverage the power of data by confronting the numbers to their feelings and experience.


We work in collaboration with our users. Our business model was thought to nourish our development by the experience of our customers who directly benefit from the improvements their feedbacks helped to build.

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Engineers, data scientists, developers, veterinary experts in sports medicine, and researchers contribute every day to the development of the sector and to the improvement of horses’ well being.


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Introduction to balneotherapy for athlete horses

This article puts to light the novator balneotherapy treatments for horses. Wether it is used for recovery, wellbeing or performance, this method is gaining in momentum. Discover the pros and cons of this athlete horse healthcare method.

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V200 and V4 | Understanding the heart rate zones of the racehorse

Heart rate is an important element of analysis of the racehorse athletic performance. For a long time, measuring a horse's heart rate was a tedious task which had to be done in a specialized clinic and required many instruments. The heart analysis of a racehorse heart...

Skalleti | Behind the scenes of his training with Jérome Reynier

After a breathtaking victory of his horse Skalleti, Jérôme Reynier agreed to come back with us on the history of this horse, his training and his challenges.

5 key elements to analyze racehorses’ heart rate

The basics of the heart rate in the racehorse The heart rate is the number of contractions initiated by the heart over a given period of time. It is usually measured in beats per minute (or BPM), and is essential in assessing the fitness of a racehorse. At rest, a...

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Arioneo explores debutant horses first races. Use data science to enhance your race horse capacities and maximize chances of victory.

Performance loss in the racehorse: the role of the ECG

In order to detect the elements influencing the performance of the athletic horse, it is interesting to analyse its evolution during an exercise because things that do not occur at rest can appear.

Underperformance in the racehorse: investigation through tangible data

Discover how to diagnose underperformance thanks to the analysis of tangible data.