Insights from some EQUIMETRE clients

 Ciaron Maher | Top 3  Australian trainers in 2020

EQUIMETRE user since 2020

«Racing has always been a sport of opinions: that’s what it’s based on. I’ve always been wanting to push the boundaries of “why” that opinion is the right decision or the wrong decision. By curating a sports science division, we’ve made a commitment to this, and we’re already starting to see the results on the track.»

Clarken Racing | Australian Racing Stables

EQUIMETRE user since 2020

«Being able to collect data and match this with our visual observations and the rider’s comments is fantastic. Not only does it back up our own observations, but it gives a clear picture of how a horse is progressing and how they compare to previous preparations.We have found this to be a brilliant addition to our training methods and have found the benefits to be excellent.»

Jérome Reynier | Top 10 French trainers in 2020

EQUIMETRE user since 2019

«I equip Skalleti with Arioneo’s Equimetre to have data to support his rider’s opinion and of my gut as I am starting to know him quite well since I’ve been observing him for several years now. It is very useful to be able to refer to figures and confirm what we think of the horse.»

Erwan Grall | Jump Trainer

EQUIMETRE user since 2020

«As a jump trainer, the horse’s recovery after an effort is very important, especially as we were not able to measure it before. It was possible to evaluate it approximately, but the measurements were not reliable. With the EQUIMETRE sensor, we can now determine precisely whether a horse is ready to race or not.»

James Peters | Racehorse trainer in Singapore

EQUIMETRE user since 2020

«The platform and the app are very easy to use. All the information is easily downloaded and right into your phone or laptop. Within minutes, you can see the data of the horse coming back from work. It is the latest technology available on the market. And also, the product in itself is very easy to use. It can be switched from horse to horse within minutes. It is very straightforward. I would say that the main advantage is that it is very easy to use. »

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2 starters from the Breeder’s Cup monitored by EQUIMETRE

Detect future performers thanks to data analysis : Star Bloodstock’s challenge

Star Bloodstock trains with EQUIMETRE to monitor its young racehorses and aims to collect interesting data and detect the young performers of their generation.

Some of our EQUIMETRE Vet clients

Dr Emmanuelle Van Erck qui ausculte un cheval de course bai dans son box

These are tools that help. They don’t replace us, they don’t replace either the trainer or the rider but they make the horse talk. They will in a much more sensitive way put a figure on a possible problem and allow the training to be adapted. For example, if a training of one type is too intense for a horse, we will know it and we will be able to reduce the workload.

Emmanuelle van Erck

Veterinarian specialised in equine sport medecine, ESMP

Dr Emmanuelle Van Erck qui ausculte un cheval de course bai dans son box

From the very beginning it was very pleasant to work with Arioneo because we benefit from a very good support. Equimetre makes it possible to obtain the ECG at full speed, which is not offered by other monitoring devices. Doing ECGs on racehorses at full speed is essential to detect arrhythmias, as some of these can only be observed at high speed. As veterinarians, this is the one point that decided us to choose Arioneo.

Claudine Anen

German veterinarian

Dr Emmanuelle Van Erck qui ausculte un cheval de course bai dans son box
We chose EQUIMETRE because my main interest is exercise associated death and I think EQUIMETRE can be a good tool to solve this problem. For me, the main advantage of EQUIMETRE is the scientific validation of the ECG data and the heart rate functionality of the device. We know that the data we get is accurate. It is very user friendly for trainers. The way trainers and riders collect data is easier than in the past and allows them to become part of the team and understand what we are doing.
Cristobal Navas De Solis

Veterinarian specialised in equine research

German olympic teams train with EQUIMETRE to monitor their athlete horses

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