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Standardbreds: analyze an Interval Training session with Equimetre

Interval Training is a specific method of training the Standardbreds. Find out what data to analyze in order to follow this type of training.

How to detect myocarditis in the racehorse thanks to equine technologies?

How can the monitoring of a racehorse’s heart rate help in detecting a myocarditis? Detect cardiac pathologies at early stages thanks to the longitudinal follow up of athlete horses.

How to detect pathologies in racehorses? Two concrete examples

Early pathologies detection in racehorses is a challenge for the horse racing industry. Discover data driven concrete example from the EQUIMETRE community.

The standardised test with Standardbreds: what goals?

The standardised test is an intense training aiming to measure the cardiac and metabolic capacities of a race horse’s organism…. Learn more about it.

How do jumping trainers use EQUIMETRE?

Discover how Erwan Grall, french jump trainers, uses EQUIMETRE to monitor his racehorses during their trainings.

Creating a Sports Science unit within a racing stable | Ciaron Maher Racing & Arioneo Webinar

Expectations, reality and results in creating a Sports Science unit in a racing stable. Discover Ciaron Maher Racing’s experience with EQUIMETRE and Arioneo.

7 reasons to train racehorses with a finish line

You want to train your racehorses with a connected finish line ? Discover 7 good reasons to adopt this technology thanks to Arioneo !

Debutant horses: what can data comparison tell you

Discover how to compare two debutants horses to enter them at the right time and on the right race. This very important step allows you to ensure the safety and performance of your racehorses.

Introduction to balneotherapy for athlete horses

This article puts to light the novator balneotherapy treatments for horses. Wether it is used for recovery, wellbeing or performance, this method is gaining in momentum. Discover the pros and cons of this athlete horse healthcare method.

Why quantify the racehorse’s training workload?

Discover why quantifying the racehorse training workload has become necessary nowadays: measure the progress, collect data, complete your feeling…


racehorses cardio analysis

Racehorse cardio analysis: how can data strengthen the expertise of trainers?

You will be able to objectively assess the fitness of your horses: has the horse recovered well? Was the effort important to him?

horseracing speed analysis white paper

Horse racing speed analysis: what data can bring to your speed work?

You will be able to objectively assess your horses speed: are this morning’s times better than usual? What was the maximum speed? Did the jockey respect my instructions?

horseracing speed analysis white paper

 Stride data analysis: understand your racehorses’ acceleration strategies

You will be able to objectively assess your horses’ locomotion: do they accelerate with their stride length or stride frequency first? What is their locomotor profile? 


webinar analyse underperformance


Discover how to analyse underperformance with Dr Emmanuelle van Erck, specialist in internal medicine for sport horses.

démonstration equimetre arioneo


Our experts will introduce you to our products and their purpose. Discover how to optimise the performance of your racehorses and their medical monitoring.



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8 reasons why you should use a heart rate monitor to objectivise your racehorse's performance during training and in races. 🏇💥

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